Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working with shimmer dusts

Adding a shimmer finish to a specialty cake can really add a new dimension to the finish of the cake.

In this post I wanted to describe the two ways that we apply shimmer to our cakes. They are so simple.

1. Dust the shimmer onto cake straight from container. To do this you need a very good quality fat brush. Simply brush the shimmer all over. In my opinion this is ideal for white shimmer on white icing.

2. Mix shimmer with rose water and apply. To do this you need to mix shimmer (usually white) with decorator's rose water (also known as rose spirit). You may need to experiment with the amounts. Using a very good quality and wide artist brush brush onto cake in long strokes. You will need to do multiple coats to get the best effect so don't let the mix become too gluggy or thick. In my opinion this option is ideal for applying over coloured fondant.

I used technique 2 on the wedding cake above. The fondant was a mixture of dusty pink and rose pink and then multiple layers of shimmer/rose water.

Have fun playing with shimmer.

Til next time,


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  1. That looks amazing! Do you know where I could buy some shimmer dusts?

  2. Where are you located? We sell it as does any good cake decorating shop.